Design Evaluation

Use critical properties of the fiber and matrix to predict critical matrix and fiber failures and compute margin of safety, for any layup or geometry, without laminate testing.

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We bring industry leading expertise in composite performance to your design and analysis challenge.

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Software Development

Our experts in software development process, frameworks and execution can help set up your team for success.

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Realize the Potential of Advanced Materials

Advanced materials and manufacturing methods have the potential to revolutionize design, but that potential is not being fully realized. Designing with advanced materials, from traditional fiber composites, to additive manufacturing, requires expensive, time consuming testing, which limits innovation and adoption of new materials or manufacturing processes.

Simulation can break that reliance on testing, but evaluating your part requires more than a license for a FEM code and hearty “good luck” from the vendor. It requires a complete engineering approach which includes relevant failure criteria based on the physics of the materials and the design requirements of the part, materials characterization, a quick and efficient method to independently assess fiber and matrix, modeling methodology which results in consistent, accurate results, and intuitive tools and guidance automate it and tie it all together to make it practical for engineers to use.

What industry is telling us…

“We can’t explore new design concepts. We have no reliable way to quickly evaluate them without testing, and there’s no time for that. “

“We’ve done 30,000 coupon tests and we still don’t know why our matrix is failing.”

“For our chopped fiber parts, we have to proof test every design change and one in every 8 parts in production. Why can’t we have an analysis method that will give us a reliable margin of safety, like we do for metals?”

Bring us your challenges

We want to hear about your design challenges so we can work with you to craft an engineering approach and set of tools to meet them. C.E.S. brings decades of industry experience in aerospace design, analysis and certification, composite material performance and evaluation and CAE development to the table. Let’s work together.