Meet C.E.S. Team

Doug Neill, C.E.O. and Founder

I am an action-oriented, transformational software executive with decades of experience in the Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) space. At CES, we believe that the ICME materials revolution is stagnating due to a lack of pragmatic, easy-to-use and fast methods for validation of designs comprised of ICME materials. I have spent my entire technical career focused on automated design and design engineering simulation tools. Our company brings this focus and passion to our customers so that they can innovate new structural concepts and effectively and efficiently unlock the benefits of engineered materials. We have a great team of software and engineering experts to assist you.

I spent 22 years at MSC Software Corporation and was Vice President of the R&D group for 11 of those years. Prior to that, I helped a startup as the Business Development head to position new FE based design software. At the beginning of my career, I spent 15 years working on the development and application of directed search automated multi-disciplinary optimization software in aerospace and later the CAE industry.

Jon Gosse, Ph.D., P.E.

I believe that simulation, done right, can radically transform industry. In my 33 years at The Boeing Co., I worked with many talented engineers and scientists to develop practical approaches to evaluating composite design, and applied those methods to solve intractable problems on some of the most important programs in the company. My goal is to bring that knowledge to the world and revolutionize how industry designs with composites and other advanced materials.

Kunaseelan Kanthasamy Ph.D.

I embrace the Art of the Possible and am reputed for “taking any fresh, blue sky project from zero to full steam ahead”. As a visionary thought leader, I continuously move people, products, and companies forward, always connecting the customer’s needs to the end product. In pioneering next-generation digital technology, I build high-performance R&D teams and devise ways to differentiate businesses.

I thrive in igniting energy around conceiving new products from legacies, capturing new product channels to grow business, strategically anticipating future customer needs, and guiding approaches to the distinctive aspects of doing business in other cultures. My technical acumen includes engineering new digital platforms, pre-NPI, NPI, TRR; enterprise solutions, VAST, RFID, FQC Code, NFC standards/platforms; industry security frameworks, cryptography, symmetric/asymmetric, hash functions, encryption/signatures, Digital Twin, Digital Thread.

I have filed 36 patents and own 21; won 16 product innovation awards.

Bring us your challenges…

We want to hear about your design challenges so we can work with you to craft an engineering approach and set of tools to meet them. C.E.S. brings decades of industry experience in aerospace design, analysis and certification, composite material performance and evaluation and CAE development to the table. Let’s work together.